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CPV Power Plant Survey CPV Power Plant Survey PHASE I The project will be implemented by ASUs Photovoltaic Reliability Laboratory (ASU-PRL). ASU-PRL, established in 2009, is the only university laboratory in the United States dedicated for the reliability research and lifetime prediction of PV modules. ASU-PRL is fully equipped with all the capabilities required to execute this project including outdoor current-voltage curve tracer to measure performance high and low irradiance level of natural sunlight at module level, string level and array level, outdoor diode checker, infrared scanner, insulation tester, reflectance of soiled Arizona State University 2 SOW City of Somerton modules. ASU-PRL follows an extensive visual inspection checklist and standardized procedures to perform PV site survey. ASU-PRL staff has more than 14 years of testing and evaluation experience of PV modules under natural sunlight conditions. In addition, ASU-PRL's graduate research students and undergraduate students will be available for the field. In the last 5 years, ASU-PRL has evaluated several new (4 years) and old (20 years) PV power plants composed of more than 10 systems. The project scope encompasses four major objectives: 1. Identify good vs. bad CPV sub-arrays 2. Conduct on-site measurements to determine individual modules within bad sub-arrays 3. Analyze data and findings 4. Provide technical recommendations, e.g. re-configuration of sub-arrays
Effective start/end date4/1/1410/31/14


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $28,784.00


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