CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: A Cyber Physical System for Proactive Traffic Management to Enhance Mobility and Sustainability

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A multidisciplinary team of researchers proposes to investigate the design of a transformative resilient cyber-physical system, referred in this proposal as MIDAS-CPS, which would monitor, manage, and guide drivers through an urban environment, both in normal recurrent traffic conditions and in complicated nonrecurrent conditions. It assumes a future where a large proportion of drivers will have access to advanced smart phone technologies, perhaps based on Android or iOS operating systems, which will enhance the monitoring function of traffic; we will refer to these devices simply as PICT (position-image and communication time) devices. PICT devices will operate within their two-way communication platforms, and through a cloud-computing environment with traffic management systems, to channelize the vehicles to flow efficiently through the network, through traffic controls and through route advisories, while guiding individual drivers on paths that are equitable, trading off individual benefits with societal considerations of sustainability of energy and environment. While details and assumptions of the envisioned MIDAS-CPS are provided later in the proposal, it is useful to briefly state at the outset the proposers vision. Drivers and./or cars will be equipped with PICT devises much like a hand-held GPS-based navigation unit, but mounted so that images from the devices camera, as well as its location and orientation, are periodically transmitted to a cloud-computing system. This data as well as data from other sources (e.g., vehicle detector data, traffic reports, weather conditions, etc.) will be fused, using hard/soft computing approaches to have a good knowledge of the state of the traffic in the network and with near-term traffic predictions. The mobile cloud system will protect vehicles privacy and data, and yet handle the large amounts of streaming data to assist our proactive traffic management system, which is referred in this proposal as MIDAS-CPS or simply MIDAS. The system, operating on the cloud computing platform, will provide real-time ubiquitous control and management actuations that address jurisdictions criteria such as decrease delays, improve air quality, decrease energy consumption, etc. The data handing features of the cloud computing platform will be resilient and secure in terms of protecting privacy. From the drivers point of view, the participating driver would have an augmented field of view by PICT which would lower the stress levels of the drivers due to increased awareness of the traffic situation and improve his/her safety, while being channelized and guided beneficially and strategically through the network.
Effective start/end date10/1/129/30/17


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $836,000.00


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