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COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons The COVID-19 pandemic will stand as the biggest challenge to public health in modern history. It is a virus that knows no bounds. And right now, in the US, as the virus spreads unchecked, Americans are suffering. Given the unparalleled medical, economic, and humanitarian threats brought by COVID-19, it is critical that we work together sharing information and best practices, coordinating research and development, providing smart and effective actions to advance our knowledge and improve our decisions moving forward. To help take back control, Arizona State University (ASU) and its College of Health Solutions is launching the ASU COVID-19 Diagnostic Commons, which will complete four interrelated projects to create curated information, disseminate knowledge in broad and deep communities of practice, convene experts to share real world experience, and increase smart testing to help economies open safely and sustainably. Similar to The s mission of accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas and conversations improve the well-being of people everywhere -- ASU is committed to advancing research and discovery of public value and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves. With this proposal, we ask that The consider a request for $1,078,772 to support the ASU COVID-19 Diagnostic Commons. The initiative, collectively named the ASU COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons, will: 1. Deploy smart testing use cases and/or testing protocols for clinical decision making. 2. Develop and continuously update COVID-19 Testing Commons, a searchable global test database which provides a host of metrics, including quality data and regulatory status for the 1,400+ tests on the market and in the pipeline. 3. Identify new testing technologies and disseminate timely analysis about promising innovations entitled Testing Technology Trends. 4. Build COVID-19 Workplace Commons Keeping Workers Well, an innovative, interactive dashboard and back-to-workplace online resource community designed to enable information sharing among employers and policy makers through a worldwide employer survey about back-to-workplace practices and multiple knowledge convenings. The data, information and knowledge created through these four initiatives will be shared broadly through a public website housed at ASU, as well as numerous online educational webinars for both small and large audiences. The need for reliable information from respected and recognized sources is clear. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is only six months old, accurate data related to it is fast moving and often not reliable. Based on the ASU National COVID Diagnostics Summit and subsequent meetings with trade and industry associations, we heard the urgent need for the data and resources that will be generated by the COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons. Employers of all types and sizes - from educational institutions, hotels to healthcare insurers - are all asking for help. We will engage with strong strategic partners to increase our ability to execute on these projects quickly and create broad and deep awareness of all of the information and knowledge generated. The collaboration between ASU and the World Economic Forum (WEF) is central to the work of the COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons, namely establishing the COVID-19 Workplace Commons. ASU and WEF each bring a critical mix of competencies required to successfully achieve the Initiatives primary objectives. Recognized globally as a top-ranked knowledge enterprise focused on solutions to societys greatest challenges, advancing a better life for all, ASU brings deep experience in testing, biomedical diagnostics, data analytics, web platform development as well as a vast network of global contacts across industries. As the largest university in the country, ASU also enjoys a unique vantage from which to convene webinars and global communities of practice. Finally, ASU has extensive operating knowledge and contacts within the current testing ecosystem through its unique Master of Science degree program in Biomedical Diagnostics, the only program in the world focused exclusively on diagnostics as an independent discipline.
Effective start/end date7/1/205/31/22


  • Rockefeller Foundation: $1,078,772.00


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