CORD Best Evaluation Tools and Techniques for Effective Recommendations for Policies (BETTER Policy Decisions)

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SCOPE OF WORK Rebecca Lee, Ph.D., Co-Investigator, is Full Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation Department at Arizona State University. Dr. Lee leads and supervises all activities in the sustainability workgroup on this project. Dr. Lee contributes 3-4 hours to weekly meetings with various Houston workgroup team members to develop and review materials, measurement instruments and protocols and provide feedback on workgroup activities. Dr. Lee also participates in bi-weekly telephone calls with other site investigators and the CDC as well as monthly investigator team meetings. Dr. Lee leads the writing and implementation of the Sustainability evaluation plan used in this study. Dr. Lee oversees data collection for the Sustainability workgroup and will lead analyses and interpretation of these data. Dr. Lee will also contribute significantly to the devlopment of manuscripts for publication and the presentation of scientific data and findings.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/29/16


  • HHS: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): $150,351.00


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