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Coordinated Maricopa County Community Health Assessment Coordinated Mricopa County Community Health Assessment This proposal details the scope of work and plan to conduct three cycles of twelve focus groups with community members in the East, Central, and West Valley areas within Maricopa County. This research will include: 1) an initial review of existing research on common barriers and facilitators of community health, cultural components of health and health-seeking behaviors, factors influencing quality of life, and a preliminary scan of the positive and negative conditions impacting health in Maricopa County specifically; 2) development of discussion guide and protocols; 3) development and execution of purposive recruitment procedures; 4) facilitation of focus group meetings with prioritized populations, in both English and Spanish; 5) analysis and synthesis of data; and 6) reporting and presentation of findings. The approach detailed in this proposal follows the principals of Community Based Participatory Research, for which SIRC is well-known, and demonstrates consideration for existing research to inform how best to recruit participants from the populations of interest, the structure and format of the focus groups, and data collection and analysis of multiple focus group research. Below is a general outline of the work plan.
Effective start/end date7/13/1512/31/16


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $120,000.00


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