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Cool Pavement Pilot Program - Revision - 1 Cool Pavement Pilot Program Based on Year 1 data collection and results of the pilot project throughout the City of Phoenix, the following recommendations and next steps were discussed in a joint workshop between key City of Phoenix and ASU personnel. In particular, the group is interested in gaining more conclusive results regarding indicators such as the optimal use and placement of CP and/or similar products, the long-term durability and life cycle assessments, and performance under varying weather conditions. The group agreed that conclusive evidence could not be determined for many of these indicators after only one year, particularly issues related to durability and life cycle assessment. In the recommended follow-up study, we propose to include more side-by-side applications using some of the most promising products in the industry and expanded laboratory testing to better understand their abrasion resistance generated by traffic and/or climatic effects. As part of all Tasks listed below, continued and expanded engagement with residents and communities will be important, yet is not part of the Scope of Work. We hope to find support for these community tasks, as well as tree-cool pavement interaction work, through finding additional support and will keep you apprised of those efforts.
Effective start/end date11/19/214/3/23


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $161,722.00


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