Continuation of the AZ DCYF Supervision Circle Project Phase 4

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Continuation of the AZ DCYF Supervision Circle Project Phase 4 AZ DCYF Supervision Circle Project AZ DCYF Supervision Circle Project (Phase 4) AZ DCYF Supervision Circle Project DES Contract Number: DES081185001 1. As the current project was put on hold and now being reinstated we request an extension on the contract through May 31, 2012. The project calls for trainings over a 2 year period. Current end date is January 31, 2011. 2. Supplement to prepare and conducting 3 presentations regarding 2 separate topics at the DCYF Supervisory Conference in July, per DES request to add a scope of work and budget for this new activity. Here is the scope of work for these tasks: a. PI will conduct a lit review related to each presentation topic in May, 2010. b. PI will provide PowerPoint slides to Holli Sanger at the Training Institute by June 15, 2010. c. PI will conduct 1 presentation about clinical supervision that will run for 100 minutes to an audience of 200 attendees on July 28, 2010. d. PI will conduct two 75 minutes workshops regarding Managing Organizational Change for audiences of 30 to 40 attendees on July 29, 2010. e. PI will attend the 2 day conference even when not presenting to provide any needed assistance and to attend additional workshops as a way of understanding the current agency context in preparation for the supervision trainings PI will conduct as part of this contract.
Effective start/end date7/1/108/31/13


  • Arizona Department of Economic Security: $92,596.00


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