COMPUGIRLS: A Culturally Relevant Technology Program for Girls

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The basis of this proposed supplement is to provide undergraduate students with authentic educational research experiences and to provide graduate students with an opportunity to develop mentorship skills. Undergraduate research assistants (URAs) work will be to gain research experience in data collection, statistical analysis, formative and summative evaluation procedures, research presentations in the social sciences, and to begin to forge an interdisciplinary relationship between educational psychology, computer science, and social transformation studies. By providing four URAs applied experience with quasi experimental research design procedures (i.e. survey development, large scale data collection, and statistical procedures including hierarchical linear modeling among others) we hope to expand their academic experiences and efficacy in the field of educational psychology and evaluation. This project will also help to merge their understanding of computer science and social transformation studies practices with psychological and evaluation research constructs. The role of the URAs in this project will be to a) provide insight into computer science and social transformation studies educational norms and practice; b) to gain knowledge of and experience with research in the future time perspective (FTP); c) a to gain knowledge of and experience with research formative and summative evaluation procedures; and d) to help construct and support a lasting, productive transdiciplinary relationships among computer science, social transformation studies and education. The broader impact of this supplement will be to give the URAs research experience, skills, and understanding necessary to pursue future research in STEM education. As one of the goals of the project is to provide a viable pipeline of students entering and succeeding in computer science fields, in general, the four URAs will have the opportunity to gain first hand experience with educational computer science research and intervention. Importantly, the URAs will also have the opportunity to pursue transdisciplinary opportunities. In effect, the proposed REU supplement will provide the computer science and social transformation studies communities with research opportunities that support the development of students understanding of educational psychological processes, technosocial issues, and evaluation.
Effective start/end date9/15/086/30/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $879,425.00


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