Comprehension SEEDING: Comprehension Through Self-Explanation Enhanced Discussion and INquiry Generation

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Arizona State University, Prof. Michelene Chi STATEMENT OF WORK The Chi Lab will take the lead role relative to furthering cognitive theories and the science of learning with respect to issues associated with self-explanation and knowledge co-construction. (For example, analyzing what is different about them in the Comprehension SEEDING environment relative to other settings analyzed in prior work and what effects that has on learning, e.g., do current theories apply to the whole class setting). The Chi Lab will also provide some assistance to Robert Talbot on a similar effort with respect to Formative Assessment and will collaborate with Rodney Nielsen on other areas of theory analysis and development, including issues associated with the use of technology in the classroom, and contrasting Comprehension SEEDING to tutoring and to Classroom Response Technology (clickers) with multiple choice questions. The Chi Lab will help ensure key project members are considering and acting on the things necessary to optimize these efforts on theory analysis& development. This includes addressing as many of the key research questions posed in the proposal as possible. The Chi Lab will design and construct classroom observation instruments and protocols, particularly ensuring the instruments capture the data necessary to inform theory development. The lab will also conduct some of the observations and play the lead role in the coding of this data. The Chi Lab will provide some assistance to Robert Talbot in developing the project's assessment instruments to help ensure they are suitable to capture the differences that would support the team's learning theories. The Chi Lab will assist Rodney Nielsen in the design, refinement and testing of the Comprehension SEEDING system and intervention, specifically with respect to those aspects of the system that will have the most significant impact on theories.
Effective start/end date5/28/126/30/14


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $318,355.00


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