Collaborative Research: REU Site: Integrative Approach to Landscape Evolution in a Monogenetic Volcanic Field San Francisco Volcanic Field Northern

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Scope of work Collaborative Research: REU Site: Integrative approach to landscape evolution in a monogenetic volcanic field. San Francisco volcanic field, northern Arizona Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration May 26, 2013-May 25, 2015 ASU CoPI lead: Professor Ramon Arrowsmith ASU CoPI: Associate Professor Amanda Clarke ASU additional personnel: Dr. Fabrizio Alfano and other students and staff The Arizona State University team will have primary responsibility for the Hillslope component of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) and will participate in the main group activities. The elements of the Hillslope component include: 1) field observations, survey of the volcanic landforms (and nearby fault-related forms) using UAV Structure-from-Motion and terrestrial laser scanning and topographic analysis of resulting digital elevation models; 2) simulation of the surface processes using spreadsheet and Matlab-based codes developed by our group; and 3) laboratory exploration of erosion processes. Professor Ramn Arrowsmith will be the ASU CoPI lead. Associate Professor Amanda Clarke will be Co-I. We will be assisted by our various students, but mostly by Dr. Fabrizio Alfanoa visiting scientist at ASU. Dr. Alfanos research centers on the youngest eruption in the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Sunset Crater. He has significant interest in expanding his skillset to include high-resolution topography and its applications to volcanic settings, as well as scaled laboratory experiments. Fabrizio has the long-term aspiration to find a permanent faculty appointment at a university or college, although he has no teaching experience at this stage. He will gain both teaching experience and new research skills that will help him build a more competitive CV. Arrowsmith and Clarke will participate in the main lecture and presentation events, field work, and have meetings over the summer with the students. Dr. Alfano will be the daily point of contact for the students, assisting them in their observations and experiments and ensuring a rich and well-supported experience. The planned work will largely occur immediately before and during the planned REU eight week summer session each year (Table 1; May 27 - July 19 in 2013). We also will participate during the rest of the year in documentation of the activities and outcomes, follow-up interaction with the REU students, recruitment and evaluation of the next year applicants, and planning for the next season.
Effective start/end date5/26/133/30/15


  • NSF-GEO: Division of Earth Sciences (EAR): $40,226.00


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