Collaborative Research: Research in Student Peer Review: A Cooperative Web-Services Approach

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Collaborative: Research in Student Peer Review: A Cooperative Web-Services Approach Abstract Peer review between students has a 40-year history in academia. During the last half of that period, web-based peer-review systems have been used in tens of thousands of classes. Many online systems have been developed, in diverse settings and with diverse purposes. The systems, however, have common concerns: assigning capable reviewers to each student submission, insuring review quality, and delivering reliable scores, in cases where the systems are used for summative review of student work. Many strategies have been proposed to meet those concerns, and tested in relatively small numbers of courses. The next step is to scale up the studies to learn how well they perform in diverse settings, and with large numbers of students. This project brings together researchers from several peer-review systems, including some of the largest, to build web services that can be incorporated into existing systems to test these strategies and visualize the results. Key words Peer review, Calibrated Peer Review, web services, metacognition, MOOC
Effective start/end date9/1/148/31/19


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $208,589.00


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