Collaborative Research: PSERC Collaborative Proposal for a Phase III Industry University Cooperative Research Center Program

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07/14/2011 HB: NONE


This center proposal for a Phase III I/UCRC is developed by the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC) currently led by Arizona State University (ASU). PSERC had its origin as a multi-university I/UCRC in 1996, led by Cornell University. In its 13 years of existence, PSERC has addressed key analytical topics related to the development and implementation of the electricity market, and its impact on power system operation and planning. In the current environment, the electric utility industry and the nation are faced with critical issues that need elegant and cost effective solutions. The technical problems that need urgent solutions are closely related to; 1) Enhancing the reliability and performance of the nations electric grid via smart grid solutions, 2) Wide are monitoring and improved situational awareness of the network using synchrophasors, 3) Reducing the carbon footprint by adopting renewable energy technologies, and 4) Developing planning and operational tools to accommodate a large penetration of renewable energy technologies. PSERC has been created with the vision that collaboration among a significantly large group of academic, industrial, and governmental institutions can develop solutions to the complex problems in electric energy. These problems include technical challenges created by the evolution of the industry as well as educational challenges in providing a new breed of engineers needed by the industry and government. In addressing the technical topics identified in the three research stems, PSERC as a collaboration of 12 universities leverages the expertise of some 40 multidisciplinary researchers Intellectual merit PSERC researchers have a long established tradition of conducting cutting edge research of interest to the industry members in three broad areas related to the three research stems within PSERC. As a Phase III I/UCRC effort PSERC will sharpen its technical focus to address critical issues related to the energy security of the nation and the electric energy industry. These critical issues specifically relate to developing elegant and cost effective solutions to: Developing and implementing smart grid solutions, including system components at the generation, transmission, distribution and customer levels Planning and operating the system with a high penetration of variable renewable energy resources including large-scale storage Developing tools for wide area situational awareness in bulk power systems Examining the impact of global warming on power system planning and operating practices. PSERC has charted a strategy to attack these problems in a systematic manner and develop novel cost effective solutions.
Effective start/end date3/1/102/28/16


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $1,290,900.00


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