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Collaborative Research: Mathematics and Climate Change Research Network Collaborative Research: Mathematics and Climate Change Research Network This collaborative project is about building the infrastructure for a deep involvement of mathematics in climate change research. The objectives of the research network are to: 1. Define and execute high-level mathematical research projects of critical relevance to climate science; 2. Develop synergistic approaches, through a creative network structure, that will facilitate information exchange as well as stimulate unforeseen interactions and advances; 3. Create a cadre of committed researchers who will be in a position to lead a climate mathematics effort, both by example and by planning future developments; and to 4. Develop a vision for the further development of mathematics supporting national and international initiatives in climate science. Fourteen PIs from twelve institutions, spanning applied mathematics and climate science and collectively supervising at least fifteen postdocs and graduate students, will form the stable core of a nationwide network of multidisciplinary research nodes. The network will create and nurture research connections and collaborations between the nodes. Regular contact will be maintained through weekly web seminars and web-based research group meetings. Network events will be arranged at which all the network researchers will meet, present research progress, share ideas and learn from others. Junior researchers will travel to connected nodes of the network for extended periods, to learn and convey ideas across disciplines and to cement the collaborations. A common network identity will result from placing each research initiative into the comprehensive framework connecting mathematics and climate change research.
Effective start/end date10/1/109/30/16


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $408,689.00


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