Collaborative Resarch: Materials World Network: III-V Bismide Materials for IR and Mid IR Semiconductors

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The objective of the proposed materials world network is to theoretically and experimentally research and develop III-V bismide compound semiconductors for infrared (IR) and mid IR optoelectronic devices and other narrow bandgap devices at the readily available lattice constants of GaAs, InP, InAs, and GaSb substrates; including GaAsBi on GaAs and InP, and GaAsSbBi and GaInAsSbBi on GaSb or InAs. III-V bismides offer new technology prospects in the area of materials research and the opportunity to develop an innovative class of materials that have: i) the potential to cover near IR wavelengths up to 3 m on GaAs substrates and all wavelengths beyond 2 m on GaSb substrates, ii) a uniquely large spin orbit splitting which provides an opportunity for semiconductor spintronic devices, iii) a spin orbit band offset that is typically larger than bandgap energy which provides an opportunity to develop active materials with significantly reduced Auger recombination, iv) a weak temperature dependence of the band gap energy that offers improved temperature stability for emitters and detectors, and v) the opportunity for band offset engineering that offers substantial improvement for hole confinement in GaSb based mid IR materials.
Effective start/end date8/1/097/31/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $345,000.00


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