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City of Phoenix - HUD City of Phoenix-HUD The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning (SGSUP) is involved in understanding and devising solutions for timely and complex issues facing society, including housing our aging and diversifying population, climate change, disaster resilience, water scarcity, and others. SGSUP has a rich history of engaging in collaborative planning with the City of Phoenix and its partners. Most recently, our faculty and staff were involved in the Reinvent Phoenix planning process. Students from our accredited professional Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning program and undergraduate planning programs are eager to give back to their local communities through hands-on projects. They are able to contribute a wide array of technical and analytical skills to projects, including mapmaking and Geographic Information Science, community engagement, needs assessments, and others. Our planning faculty are committed to conducting research and advising student projects that help to improve the quality of life in the City of Phoenix, particularly for low-income people and communities. The School of Sustainability (SOS) is the first of its kind fully dedicated to exploring principles of sustainability. SOS addresses relevant sustainability challenges including global population growth, climate change, human population, resource distribution and conservation. SOS is currently embedded in local communities through faculty and student projects, outreach and collaborations. SOS students are able to perform detailed sustainability analyses and needs-assessments to develop sustainable solutions. SOS and SGSUP are complimentary in nature, via strong ties to community based and applied solutions-oriented research. The combination will enhance the Choice Neighborhood Planning process by promoting healthy, sustainable and happy places for people to live, work and play. ASU and the City have a long working relationship supporting each others goals and initiatives. To that end, the SGSUP and the SOS are thrilled to establish a new partnership with the City in its CN Planning efforts and commit to identifying students/interns to assist the City in areas such as research, map making, GIS, public engagement prep work for meetings/workshops, leading focus groups and utilizing planning software, to name a few resources, that will aid in the Citys planning processes. The partnership will provide our students will valuable real-work projects, while also advancing the ASU goal of social embeddedness.
Effective start/end date1/20/171/19/18


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $50,000.00


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