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Chinese Flagship Renewal Program Renewal Arizona State University Chinese Language Flagship Center 2017-2018 Chinese Flagship Renewal - Renewal - 2 Flagship Renewal 2018 Flagship Renewal 2018 - Renewal - 1 During the 20162020 Flagship cycle, the Chinese Language Flagship Center will continue to develop its operations in light of evolving visions of global education, adopt best practices in language and cultural training (incorporating the most effective language learning and acquisition theories), and leverage the rich academic resources available at the Subrecipient and beyond. Specifically, during the next four years, the Subrecipients Chinese Flagship Center will redouble its efforts in the following six areas: 1) strengthening the core curriculum and the learning support system; 2) maximizing outside the classroom learning and creating a strong learner community; 3) emphasizing a student-centered learning approach and conducting systematic diagnostic assessment; 4) forging stronger collaborations with other academic units and programs at the Subrecipient; 5) promoting the institutionalization and sustainability of the Center and enhancing its visibility and impact; 6) increasing the certified Flagship enrollment number to approximately 80 by 2020.
Effective start/end date6/1/185/31/20


  • US Department of Defense (DOD): $1,376,852.00


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