ChicanaLatina Artivism: performance in socio-historical context

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ChicanaLatina Artivism: performance in socio-historical context Chicana/Latina Artivism: performance in socio-historical context PROJECT DESRIPTION Please respond with 500 words or less, typed and double-spaced Describe the project, including the humanities content and format. If you are applying for a planning grant, provide a basic description of the project you are planning, and how a humanities scholar acting as a consultant would assist you in developing an AHC Project Grant proposal. We plan on hosting a 3-day event dedicated to a dialogue among women performers of Son Jarocho, about community activist practices through art and humanities scholarship. This art form is one that builds on grass-roots participation. We feel that too often, womens performance is overlooked and under-theorized and this multi-venue event aims to address this marginalization through the intersections of LGBTQ, Chicana/ Latina identities and cultural performance. Thursday, November 14 in conjunction with the University of Arizona, we will be hosting a free-public lecture at Arizona State Universitys West campus by Micaela Daz-Snchez. Professor Daz Snchez is an assistant professor of Latina/o Studies at Mount Holyoke College and is an expert in performance, cultural studies and Afro-Mexican music genealogies. Her work engages queer Chicana/o and African diasporic musical traditions. She will begin our weekend-long dialogue with a lecture on the socio-historical context of Son Jarocho. 1242 N. Central Ave. | Phoenix, AZ 85004 | 602/257-0335 | Friday, November 15 in conjunction with Arizona State Universitys Performance in the Borderlands, we will be hosting a free public concert by Entre Mujeres at the Civic Space in downtown Phoenix. Entre Mujeres is a translocal music composition project between Chicanas/Latinas in the U.S. and Jarochas/Mexican female musicians in Mexico. Entre Mujeres seeks to make the voices, ideas and translocal dialogues between Chicanas and Jarochas visible through the medium of song, a testament to the kind of collective knowledge that can generate across U.S. Mexican borders. It was co-founded by Chicana, singer, songwriter, and humanities scholar Martha Gonzalez (from the Grammy Award winning group Quetzal, and professor at Scripps College) and son jarocho Mexican master musician Laura Rebolloso Cuellar (Son De Madera). Entre Mujeres project includes accomplished musicians including: Wendy Cao Romero (Los Utrera), Kali Nio (Caf con Pan), Rocio Marron, Tylana Enomoto (Quetzal), Niki Cambpell, and La Marisoul (La Santa Cecilia).
Effective start/end date11/5/1311/30/13


  • Arizona Humanities: $1,000.00


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