Characterization, Modeling and Data Analysis for Physics of Dynamic Loading Response in Polycrystalline Metals

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Dynamic behavior of materials loaded under extreme conditions of pressure and strain rate is a subject of intense scientific and technological interest. The formulation of predictive models to address problems of interest to the DOE National Lab complex associated to this behavior requires a full of understanding of structure-property relations of materials of interest, spanning from pure metals with very simple microstructures, e.g., single crystals, to engineering metallic alloys with complicated microstructures containing many grains and secondary phases. This, in turn, requires careful characterization, testing and targeted modeling of samples of selected material systems. Arizona State University has the characterization and modeling capabilities to provide the services required for thermomechanical treatment of specimens, preparation of samples for dynamic testing, characterization of specimens before and after testing, analysis of insitu diagnostic data using analytical and numerical models, and formulation of constitutive models based on data gathered from sample characterization.
Effective start/end date7/9/1010/1/10


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $50,475.00


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