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CFPB Training for Implementation of Service Solution CFPB Training for Implementation of Service Solution Our firm has applied best value and leadership based concepts to develop organization and service models that enhance efficiency, performance, and minimize risk. We are recognized as a worldwide expert in best-value and performance information procurement system. We have developed tools and methodologies to solicit, award, and manage architectural services, construction services, and non-construction services. We have assisted in both the government and private sectors with Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Construction Manager At-Risk, Job Order Contracting, and Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity delivery methods. The purpose of this effort is to educate and support the CFPB in running a best value leadership based procurement program for soliciting, evaluating, selecting, and perform a quality assurance program that ensures that a best value construction vendor identifies a scope of work that meets the requirements of the CFPB, identifies a detailed plan that achieves the scope, does risk management to mitigate risk that they do not control and conduct a quality control program. We will assist the CFPB in setting up this environment using our documented, tested, and licensed best value delivery system. Our system has been tested worldwide with high customer satisfaction of 98% which consists of 1,583 project tests, $3.8 Billion in construction services and $1.9 Billion in non-construction services since 1994 (18 years). We also offer an option to continue the support with CFPB in running the best-value system after the base year.
Effective start/end date12/19/1212/18/17


  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: $129,480.00


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