CC* CIRA: Southwest Higher Education Knowledge and Technology Exchange (SHEKATE)

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CC* CIRA: Southwest Higher Education Knowledge and Technology Exchange (SHEKATE) CC* CIRA: Southwest Higher Education Knowledge and Technology Exchange (SHEKATE) Research and education research connectivity in the American Southwest is best characterized by long distances, high build and maintenance costs, and, in many locations, a market failure to deliver the critical high bandwidth connections to national, regional, and inter-institutional networks required for higher education, K-12, and tribal communities. Novel and innovative connectivity and sustainability of critical cyberinfrastructure has surfaced as a topic requiring added planning and discovery for institutions of higher education. The impact of COVID-19 on institutional academic and research missions has imposed new discussions regarding how services are deployed, how classroom will be defined in light of social distancing and other pandemic requirements, and the long-term dialogue about foundations of cyberfrastructure. Under a pandemic, current networks and systems are stressed and planning for next generation networks in question. Due to the need to discuss CI sustainability rather than planning after the collapse of systems and services, the CIOs from western states propose to engage in regional discussion with national impact. In the summer of 2019, tribal and regional CIOs from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada met in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the future of the region. Their conclusions resulted in a dialogue to advance the concept of a multi-state regional network to address the complex demands of Southwest metropolitan and rural research and educational institutions to improve and enable cyberinfrastructure alignment and to establish a new science ecosystem. The new collaboration would advance innovation in the region and introduce advanced technologies to expand affinity connectivity to research, comprehensive, K-12, community colleges, and tribal organizations, capitalizing on cost efficiencies and improved planning.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/23


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $197,470.00


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