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Intellectual Merit : The proposed research will for the first time develop a multi-scale modeling framework that couples physical processes that occur at regional- and micro-meteorological scales, as well as the building scale, which uniquely allows for answering the research questions posed here. Policy efforts to adopt heat mitigation strategies have been driven by limited and incomplete scientific assessments on the likely impacts of these strategies. Most past studies have investigated the impacts of heat mitigation strategies on regional-scale climate using scenarios of regionally uniform adoption, which represents an unlikely future pathway forward. The current body of scientific literature therefore lacks information on (a) which strategies most effectively mitigate extreme heat in different environments, especially for the spatial scale and patchwork coverage that these strategies will be implemented, and (b) which regions within a city should be the target for heat mitigation strategies to maximize their positive impacts on vulnerable populations. This information is critical for successful implementation of heat mitigation strategies in cities. Broader Impacts : Results from the proposed project will provide targeted solutions to help vulnerable populations deal with extreme heat. Solutions will be communicated to local policy makers, utilities, and other stakeholders, all of whom the PIs have already-established relationships, to provide pathways for implementation. Discoveries will also be communicated to middle and high school students in areas with vulnerable populations through outreach programs at University of Southern California (USC). The PI will work with teachers through USCs Research Experience for Teachers program, with the goal of designing curriculum and research focused lessons that teach students about the fundamental physics describing extreme heat mitigation. Additionally, the PI will teach a demonstration focused lesson in participating teachers classrooms to excite future young scientists and engineers to follow careers in STEM. A simple website will be related summarizing research outcomes and providing practical solutions for mitigating extreme heat.
Effective start/end date1/1/165/31/19


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $128,422.00


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