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Catalyst Fund Proposal Teuvonet Technologies Catalyst Fund Proposal Teuvonet Technologies Catalyst Fund Proposal Teuvonet Technologies The technology can learn and infer in real-time from high velocity streaming data produced at the edge directly from IoT sensors or various gateways to those sensors. To handle high-speed streaming data, the technology requires a high degree of computational parallelism and, hence, is implemented on hardware that supports it. The current implementations of the technology are on a variety of FPGA and GPU boards that enable parallel computing. Our plan is to get our technology working on all these platforms, with Xilinx having the highest priority at this point. Heres the plan for the next few months: (1) make our technology work on various Xilinx FPGA boards, specifically ZCU 104, PYNQ Z1 and Alveo U50 boards; (2) revamp the user interface; (3) develop the interface to handle various IoT protocols for streaming data (e.g. MQTT, COAP, Bluetooth, Zigbee); (4) test all algorithms, UI and IoT protocols for streaming data; (5) do beta testing with Xilinx clients and create some standard, marketable applications (for the military, healthcare and so on). We will do the same for Nvidia GPU boards and Qualcomm Snapdragons. At the end of this process, we should have a minimum viable product (MVP) for the market that has been through beta testing with clients.
Effective start/end date5/24/218/31/22


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $19,999.00


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