CASP: Center for Humanitarian and Social Media Data Storage and Processing

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CASP: Center for Humanitarian and Social Media Data Storage and Processing CASP: Center for Humanitarian and Social Media Data Storage and Processing The goal of this project is to build the requested infrastructure for building a social media data center for crisis monitoring at the Data Mining and Machine Learning Laboratory (DMML), Arizona State University. The pervasive availability and use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) has significantly changed the ways people of all walks communicate and interact. At DMML/ASU, we have built social media data collection and analysis capabilities with previous and current ONR grants since 2008, including systems like BlogTrackers, TweetTracker, and ACT and a social computing data repository. Preliminary field trials of these systems have demonstrated both successes and limitations with the current limited computing and data storage resources. In order to increase the coverage of social media data and expand the availability of successful systems to more organizations (military, NGO, or research-education related), it is imperative to build the requested infrastructure that provides (1) a reliable and fast access to social media monitoring software applications built at DMML; (2) a reliable and large scale data storage to gather a large collection of datasets from various social media sites; (3) a reasonably powerful processing capability for analyzing data and processing queries using collected social media data, and (4) a training capability of analyzing social media for high-tempo and high-impact crises. The proposed DURIP product will provide foundation for developing new capabilities to collect, share, and analyze social media data in real time, new capabilities to provide injects that are needed today in military exercises to fully simulate the information flow in complex operations and crisis situations, and new training capabilities for undergraduate and graduate students, soldiers, IT practitioners and researchers to learn, experiment, and practice using real social media data.
Effective start/end date6/15/127/13/13


  • DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR): $97,980.00


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