CAREER: Systematics of eustyline and geonemine weeviles: Connecting and contrasting Caribbean and Neotropical mainland radiations

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The CAREER award was made in early March, 2011. According to the proposal, my tasks as PI for the first project year are as follows (numbers added to original text to facilitate reference): "(1) PI undertakes museum visits to Europe and northeastern U.S.; (2) initiates set-up of molecular lab and insect diversity showroom; (3) recruits and hires education associate; (4) starts recruiting graduate student; (5) initiates revisionary and phylogenetic studies of extant and extinct taxa; (6) designs and offers new course; (7) carries out workshops for teachers and environmental educators; and (8) offers showroom visits to K-12 students (second half)." Task 1 is in planning for the winter of 2011/2012. Tasks 2-4 have not yet been initiated. On the other hand, task 5 is well underway, building upon the submission of a nearly 100-page manuscript that resulted from the RIG project, and other related efforts. I am currently working on two smaller-scale revisions (Artipus and a new genus) that proved necessary after the Exophthalmus "Phase I"project, and gathering additional specimen material for the full-scale revision of Exophthalmus. In keeping with the ontology-centered approach that will characterize the CAREER project, I have participated in the 1st Phenotype RCN meeting and am now contributing to an emerging anatomy ontology for the Coleoptera that uses the software mx (just like the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology). A week-long field trip to the Sierra Bacadehuachi (Sonora, Mexico) is scheduled for early August and promises to yield a high number of eustyline and geonemine taxa for subsequent study. Regarding tasks 6-8, elements of these tasks were tried out or refined in the context of an invertebrate biodiversity research module for Puerto Rican high school teachers which I offered during June 7-8, 2011; however, this workshop did not require funds from the CAREER project.
Effective start/end date7/1/112/29/16


  • NSF: Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO): $639,747.00


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