CAREER: A New Computational Framework for Control of Complex Systems

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Project Summary: In the short time, this project has been active, the existing graduate student Aditya Gahlawat and the PI have made some progress on the problem of optimal control of linear infinite-dimensional systems. Specifically, the PI has submitted a conference paper demonstrating for the first time a computationally verifiable dual stability condition for timedelay systems. This dual condition and additional results on inversion of positive operators was used to construct conditions and code for stabilizability of delayed linear systems. In addition, Aditya has published a conference paper on the use of existing techniques for the minimization of bootstrap current in simple linearized PDE models of tokamak operation. Description of Work: At ASU, the PI will continue to work on developing generalized methods for control of general forms of linear delayed and 1st-4th order PDE systems with multiple spatially-distributed states. Ongoing focus will be on the output feedback case and extending recent results to 1st-4th order vector-valued PDE systems. Aditya will temporarily continue his enrollment at IIT in order to maintain his joint PhD program with the University of Grenoble and avoid retaking the bulk of his required coursework, but will continue to be directed by the PI. Meanwhile, a new student will be recruited at ASU to work on the general theory of control of PDEs.
Effective start/end date8/17/121/31/18


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $382,140.00


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