CAP 2009 Supplement: Linking data collection and analysis at the PIE, CAP, BES and FCE site

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CAP LTER researchers are engaged in integrative science that involves partnerships among disciplines to conduct research, detect change, examine impacts, and devise appropriate solutions to problems in rapidly urbanizing regions. Having adopted a modification of the Integrative Science for Society and Environment (ISSE) conceptual framework to guide our research, we continue to explore the dimensions of socialecological interaction while focusing on urban ecological pattern and processes. Further, we are actively seeking opportunities to expand our studies in space and time, and to collaborate with others to more effectively use comparative approaches to understand socioecological systems. In this spirit, we propose a set of education and research projects to further this agenda within CAP LTER.
Effective start/end date7/18/0511/30/11


  • NSF: Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO): $15,000.00


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