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C1 Project: NSF: Memristor Technology Qualifcations CONNECTION ONE - TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Connection One (C1) Project: Memristor Technology Qualifications Overall goal/purpose of this exploration Develop relevant SPICE memristor models that can be used to support circuit designs and architectural studies as part of the overall goal of assessing the value of memristor-based neuromorphic computing. The SPICE models developed will be made available to the research community. Arizona State will provide data about their memristor technology. The type and amount of data provided should be sufficient to support the overall goal. Data is expected to include some or all of the following: Processing details (materials both for the switch (TiOx, TaOx, Ge-Se-Ag) and the contacts (Pt, Ta, Etc.) equipment used CVD etc., film thicknesses, memristor dimensions, and any other pertinent details); Testbed details (equipment, actual or pseudo-test programs to indicate details of setup and measurements); Electroforming processes if applicable; Test performed and detailed test results (actual data taken and data format); Statistical information number of devices tested, number of wafers, etc; Information on yield, endurance, reliability, etc; Description of device and transport models currently used, including parasitics and dynamic effects; Model parameters and extraction methodology for the models examples of the extraction process; Known issues with fabricating, electroforming, or programming memristor arrays, with or without access devices. Pending testing compatibility, memristor test devices will be provided by Arizona State to the sponsor. The number and type of memristors provided will be by mutual agreement. If resources permit, Arizona State will undertake additional testing to support the overall effort. The details of this testing will be defined in collaboration with the spronsor. If resources permit, Arizona State will undertake additional memristor fabrication and characterization will be defined in collaboration with the sponsor.
Effective start/end date5/11/155/10/16


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $65,275.00


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