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C1 Member: Samsung Telecommunications C1 Membership Account-Samsung Telecommunications A. The parties to this Agreement intend to join together in a cooperative effort to support an Industry/University Cooperative Research Consortium for Research and Education in Telecommunication Circuits and Systems (hereinafter called the"CENTER") at the UNIVERSITY to establish and maintain a mechanism whereby the UNIVERSITY environment will be used to undertake research and development toward the realization of enabling leading technology for the next generation of information technology and higher integration to simplify communications and enable smaller devices; B. This work will include the appropriate research in all aspects of telecommunications and information technology with an emphasis on teaching and a cooperative research program; C. The CENTER will be operated by certain designated faculty, staff and students at the UNIVERSITY. For the first five years, the CENTER will be supported jointly by private sector entities, the National Science Foundation (NSF), if NSF funds the ASU IndustrylUniversity Cooperative Research proposal (NSF 01-116), the State of Arizona, and the UNIVERSITY. Sponsor fees will be used for support of the direct and indirect costs of the CENTER. The indirect costs charged on projects is expected to be 10% - this rate is not binding and the UNIVERSITY can change to their current indirect cost rate if NSF does not join or continue funding the CENTER; and D. This program will strengthen the UNIVERSITY'S research and teaching capabilities in Telecommunication System on a Chip; Wireless Integrated Circuits and System; and Wire line and broadband communications.
Effective start/end date8/1/117/30/13


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $200,000.00


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