C1 Enhancement Project: Space Micro: Radiation Hardened Sampled IF Filters for Space Communications

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In Phase II Space Micro will develop and demonstrate an electrically reprogrammable, Radiation Hardened, Sampled IF Filter (RH-SIF) Microcircuit for use in space-based reconfigurable RF/microwave subsystems. This technology will exceed the capability of traditional tunable filter technology. A programmable radio system must have the ability to program the hardware bandwidth. The RH-SIF exceeds the capabilities of active analog filters in terms of linear phase without sacrificing rejection, simple tuning scheme by varying the sample rate, and potential for high dynamic range with lower power consumption. The RH-SIF takes advantage of signal processing concepts used in finite impulse response (FIR) filter design. A radiation hardened sampled IF filter will be designed and manufactured in an advanced commercially available 0.13um CMOS ASIC process, such as IBMs Trusted foundry.
Effective start/end date2/6/1212/31/13


  • DOD: Navy: $246,890.00


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