Burnout in the ICU: Addressing a Call to Action

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Burnout in the ICU: Addressing a Call to Action Burnout in the ICU: Addressing a Call to Action Providing high quality care to patients includes recognizing the potential risk and consequences burnout can inflict on healthcare providers. Under recognized and not well understood, research on burnout has been limited by conceptual models that have not fully incorporated personal, work environment, and organizational factors when accounting for the causes of burnout and the potential effects on outcomes. To this end, the Critical Care Society Collaborative (CCSC) called for action to research burnout and its causative factors. The proposed study directly meets this need with the specific aim to examine burnout, secondary trauma, and compassion satisfaction in critical care nurses in relation to the (AACN) healthy work environment standards, personal, and organizational factors. Moreover, this study extends the testing of a proposed burnout model to examine nurse and patient outcomes, addressing a gap in knowledge that will lead to direct contribution to improving critical care work environments. Building on significant findings from a preliminary pilot data, we plan to conduct a 40 site survey among adult, critical care nurses within the Banner Health System. The survey will be the largest to assess burnout and the AACN healthy work environment assessment, providing considerable descriptive data for building meaningful, evidence-based interventional research on reducing burnout in the critical care setting.
Effective start/end date4/1/175/15/19


  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses: $50,000.00


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