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Buman VA IPA Buman VA IPA Scope of Work The assignment will assist the Phoenix VA Health Care System in the conduct of the VA Polytrauma/Blast-Related Injuries (PT/BRI) QUERI-funded research project to adapt the full-featured VA CBTI Coach application for low and moderate intensity interventions for use in a primary care stepped care approach. This project addresses the PT/BRI QUERI priority goal #2: to improve patients ability to manage their persistent TBI/polytrauma-related symptoms (i.e. insomnia) by evaluating and implementing technologies that support Veteran self-management of symptoms. At the end of the assignment, Dr. Buman will work with Dr. Epstein to develop the design components of the adapted smartphone application for use in a future study. Dr. Burnam will collaborate with Dr. Dana Epstein to conduct a series of small and carefully-designed feedback opportunities with Primary Care Mental Health and PACT-Post-Deployment clinicians and OEF/OIF/OND Veterans to generate feedback regarding the adaptation of the VA CBTI Coach smartphone application and its use in a stepped care approach in primary care. Based on the feedback, paper prototypes of the adapted application will be developed and shared with Veterans and key stakeholders. The process will be repeated rapidly with continuously refined paper prototypes until we have an adaptation that fits the stakeholders preferences and needs. The results will be shared with Veterans and key stakeholders for final feedback and approval.
Effective start/end date6/3/139/30/13


  • VA: Phoenix Health Care System: $11,500.00


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