Building the Field of Public Health Law

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Building the Field of Public Health Law Building the Field of Public Health Law In combination with other regional centers organized by the NCC through the virtual network, our RTACC will maximize public health legal services for practitioners within the region. As part of the virtual network our regional hub will be a center for public health law training, technical assistance, communication, and education on topics (as discussed above) as well as additional public health legal areas based on needs identified by our constituents. The RTACC will offer relevant, tailored information, legal and policy guidance (not to be confused with specific legal advice), and innovative training for practitioners and others (including legal professionals in other disciplines like legislators, judges, policymakers, and students in schools of law, public health, business, and medicine). Developing this virtual network will require simultaneous efforts to gather and share public health legal information, coordinate and provide technical assistance, communicate with multiple partners, and generate meaningful, innovative tools for training and knowledge-development. We advocate an organized approach to accomplishing these objectives over the 30-month implementation grant, as explained below
Effective start/end date7/20/103/14/13


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $1,325,000.00


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