Buffet Modeling and Aircraft Response Prediction within STS-DFS

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Buffet Modeling and Aircraft Response Prediction within STS-DFS The goal of this proposed Phase II STTR investigation is to develop a buffet modeling and aircraft prediction capability within the current STS-DFS framework The ASU effort will focus on supporting the PI of this project at ZONA Technology in accomplishing the task below (copied from ZONAs proposal). 3.2 Reconstruction of the Pressure Field from Experiments and Computations An essential component of the proposed effort is the reconstruction of the pressure field on the lifting surfaces combining both experimental data and computational results. The strength of CFD codes is their accurate qualitative predictions of the overall flow field with the quantitative (magnitude) of the predicted pressures being potentially less accurate. On the other hand, measurements can be quite accurate but they are only pointwise information. The proposed reconstruction procedure combines the strengths of the two data sources.
Effective start/end date2/15/132/14/15


  • DOD: Air Force (USAF): $216,558.00


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