Bridge Rail at-Grade Crossing Prioritization and Ranking Program Analysis

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SOW: The objective of this project is to revisit the current approach to rail highway at-grade crossing (RHGC) prioritization and ranking programs. The project will apply statistical modeling methods in line with those recommended by the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) to analyze safety performances of rail highway at-grade crossings. The cost and the effectiveness of selected improvement treatments will also be evaluated using the state-of-art HSM methodologies. A prioritized list of safety improvement programs will then be developed based on the analysis results. This list will be compared with the existing procedures used to identify and rank grade crossing projects to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating statistical modeling approaches in ranking rail highway at-grade crossings. As a collaborator of a research team at the University of Alabama (UA), Dr. Lou will heavily involve in tasks 3 5 of the original proposal. These tasks include: developing crash prediction models, analyzing effectiveness of selected treatments, and evaluating prioritization methods. Dr. Lou will also assist the UA research team in the literature review and data collection efforts.
Effective start/end date8/15/131/31/15


  • Alabama Department of Transportation: $52,760.00


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