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BLM Trail Cooperative Planning and Assessment BLM Trail Cooperative Planning and Assessment This proposal is submitted in response to the funding opportunity issued July 13, 2010 by Arizona BLM, titled Trail Cooperative Planning and Assessment (L10AS00178). We propose a cooperative agreement between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Arizona State University (ASU). The goal of the cooperative agreement is to develop research and technical assistance to inventory, assess, and plan for achievement of trail management objectives in the Arizona BLM trail system, with an emphasis on designated National Trails. This project contributes to an ongoing effort to develop the social and environmental data needed to inform resource management. To accomplish this goal, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of faculty and graduate students from the ASU Schools of Community Resources and Development (SCRD); and Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies (SHPRS). Our team has extensive research, planning, and partnership development experience and includes faculty from programs in: Parks and Recreation Management; Tourism Development and Management; Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and Public History. This project contributes to ASUs Sustainability Initiative by advancing knowledge for applied solutions to environmental problems. Objectives The objectives of the cooperative trail planning and assessment project, as detailed in the funding opportunity are to: 1. Facilitate the research, inventory and assessment at least 75 miles of trail and proposed trails, emphasizing Arizona BLMs system of National Trails. 2. Facilitate the development of at least 2 National Trail planning documents. Plans shall follow the format of NPS trails planning documents and prescribed BLM planning format. 3. Facilitate the acquisitions of at least 5 trail easements (from willing grantor or grantors) to connect separated BLM trail segments. 4. Facilitate or participate in trails training events as assigned by BLM program officer. 5. Work cooperatively with State and Local governments and with established Trail organizations to achieve the four above listed objectives. To accomplish these objectives, ASU will work in close cooperation with BLM and public, nonprofit, and private sector partners to accomplish the specific tasks detailed in the Technical Approach below.
Effective start/end date10/1/109/30/14


  • DOI: Bureau of Land Management (BLM): $63,000.00


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