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Blackwater 21st Century Evaluation Blackwater 21st Century Evaluation has experienced a 70% growth in the past three years because of housing construction in the three districts served by the school. This growth has resulted in the addition of teaching staff in grades K-2. There are four kindergarten teachers, four first grade teachers and four second grade teachers. As a result, extensive professional development and instructional coaching has been incorporated into the school calendar and daily routine to ensure that all teachers are instructing with fidelity to the standards and curriculum. This growth has also resulted in an unusual increase in the number of special education students, especially in kindergarten and a second special education teacher was hired to provide an extended learning environment for several high needs children. The primary focus on the instructional model is to meet the individual learning goals of each student as measured through weekly assessment in reading and math. Plus, all children participate in benchmark assessments with DIBELS Next and NWEA. Data is the basis for all academic decisions and is monitored by the instructional coaches, administration and teachers to establish flexible groups in the core content areas. These instructional strategies are designed to address the catch up growth of students who are at risk.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/16


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $54,000.00


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