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Bisgrove Postdoctoral Scholars and Leadership Academy Bisgrove Postdoctoral Scholars and Leadership Academy Arizona State University has made unprecedented strides in creating a university that fosters and facilitates interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary initiatives. Over the past several years, ASU has launched over 16 new interdisciplinary schools, over fifty new interdisciplinary graduate degrees including 16 new interdisciplinary PhD programs, and has launched 36 new research centers and institutes. Prominent amongst these are the School of Life Sciences, the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, the School of Sustainability and the Global Institute of Sustainability, The School of Earth and Space Exploration, and the Biodesign Institute. In addition, the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes and their NSF-funded Center for Nanotechnology and Society exposes and trains individuals at the interface of the research and decision making process. Within the framework of these Schools and Institutes, ASU has a number of multidisciplinary research programs in areas central to Science Foundation Arizonas mission, e.g., neuroscience, personalized medicine, vaccinology, alternative energy, advanced communications, that provide an excellent environment for advanced postdoctoral training. By the end of the initial funding period, ASU will commit to recruiting 7 postdoctoral scientists per year to come to ASU and establish their own independent research within the framework of our multidisciplinary research programs (a total of 14 Bisgrove Scholars in residence). ASU will establish an account to fund Postdoctoral Scholars for the first five years, (in the same manner as detailed for the requested 2 year budget). During this first 5 years, the ASU Foundation will develop a capital campaign for the Bisgrove Scholarship Fund. The ASU Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization that raises, invests and manages funds for the benefit of ASU. The ASU Foundation currently manages assets in excess of $752 million, and will work closely with Science Foundation Arizona to coordinate the marketing campaign. In accordance with the described mentoring plan, ASU will commit to the National Academy of Sciences guidelines for postdoctoral training, including institutional oversight to ensure effective mentoring and training. Bisgrove Scholars will have many unique opportunities to enhance their scholarship and professional training, many of which will be especially tailored to their needs, which will define this program as a national model for Postdoctoral training. The flagship program will be the Bisgrove Leadership Academy, which will provide monthly workshops to provide Bisgrove Scholars with the laboratory leadership and management skills needed to be successful scientists. The Academy will also host an annual meeting of all current and former Bisgrove Scholars for networking and research discussions. Bisgrove Post Doctoral Scholars will be carefully selected through a national recruitment process. This will help attract the most talented young scientists to Arizona. ASU will work with other institutions and industries to ensure that scholars are fully aware of the professional opportunities available in Arizona, with the goal of infusing the workforce with the exceptional talent that the Bisgrove Scholars program will generate.
Effective start/end date4/1/1010/7/11


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $300,000.00


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