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Bioarchaeology of Abydos Egypt Bioarchaeology of Abydos, Egypt The Abydos bioarchaeological collection, one of the largest and richest recovered from any site in Egypt, has been generated in large part by excavations undertaken since the 1980s in the vast cemetery fields surrounding the ancient town under the aegis of the University of Pennsylvania-Yale University-Institute of Fine Arts, New York University Expedition (PYIFA) and the University of Michigan. This securely contextualized collection represents nearly every period in the history of the site, from the First Dynasty to late antiquity. The Abydos collection is, therefore, an unparalleled resource for researching the population of one of Egypts most important ancient places. Bioarchaeology of Abydos Egypt- Revision - 1 Bioarchaeology of Abydos Egypt Anonymous Donor FY2022 Bioarchaeology of Abydos Egypt- Revision - 2
Effective start/end date11/22/1012/31/26


  • OTHER: Private Individual: $150,000.00


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