Best Practices for Succession Planning

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Best Practices for Succession Planning Best Practices for Succession Planning This research will focus on the best practices for effective succession planning for project professionals in the construction industry. Effective succession planning is a strategic approach for the identification, preparation, and transition of personnel within an organization and ensures that the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies will be available when needed. Most companies have some structured succession practices at the executive levels of the organization, but few have any form of succession practices within the middle and entry-level positions. Since it is these early and mid-career professionals that must fill the growing and critical needs facing the industry, this research will focus on succession planning within these levels of the industry. The expected results of this research should provide immediate awareness to the CII community of the upcoming criticality and will provide an easily implementable tool, toolset or toolbox to guide organizations succession planning processes. In addition, the results of this research will help provide a development path for new talent joining the organization, thus increasing the quality of potential successors.
Effective start/end date9/1/146/30/17


  • University of Texas-Austin: Construction Industry Institute: $229,724.00


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