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Best for Babies South Phoenix Court Teams Project Best for Babies South Phoenix Court Teams Project In consultation with the Executive Director of Arizona, Rebecca Ruffner, the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) at Arizona State University has developed this Statement of Work& Evaluation Design to provide monitoring and assessment services for the Best for Babies South Phoenix Court Teams Project. The timeframe for this evaluation contract is July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. CABHP will complete the following data collection, analysis, and reporting tasks as part of this contract: 1. Conduct a review of existing DCYF and court data bases and identify data elements that can be used as performance measures for the processing of child maltreatment cases assigned to the newly formed Best for Babies Court Teams; 2. Meet/confer with appropriate county DCYF and Court personnel to discuss data needs, resolve data access issues and procedures for obtaining needed county and court data; 3. Develop data collection methods and procedures for obtaining data from county and court data bases (and other sources as needed) that document the processing of court cases assigned to the South Phoenix Court Teams Project; 4. Collect data and maintain databases containing performance measures; 5. Prepare statistical reports summarizing key maltreatment case outcomes; 6. Collect qualitative data to through interviews, focus groups, observations of Court Teams meetings, and document review to monitor the development and operations of the Court Teams; 7. Meet with Court Teams Project Coordinator, Arizona staff, and Court Teams to review statistical reports documenting how child maltreatment cases have been handled and child placement outcomes; and 8. Attend Court Teams, Regional Community Team meetings, and Regional Council Meetings to report findings upon request.
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/15


  • Prevent Child Abuse: $94,973.00


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