BD Spokes: SPOKE: WEST: Collaborative: MetroInsight: Knowledge Discovery and RealTime Interventions from Sensory Data Flows in Urban Spaces

  • Shutters, Shade (PI)

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Overview: MetroInsight mission is to build an end-to-end system for knowledge discovery using highly-dimensional sensor time-series and real-time data streams to support metropolitan infrastructure through effective analytics and policy support. The project brings together a number of partners -- utilities, universities and cities -- with the ability to contribute urban sensor data and to translate knowledge into actions. The project will explore connections between multimodal datasets and urban infrastructure management to build a practical system consisting of integrated tools, as well as training a new generation of metropolitan workforce. Key words (6): multi-sector urban data analytics, dimensionality reduction, meta-data methods, data lifecycle, teleconnections, causality, real-time monitoring and visualization, policy support. Intellectual Merit : MetroInsight seeks to build an infrastructure for collection, systematic transformation, and analysis of large-scale urban monitoring sensor network data. The intellectual merit of the project is the design of the algorithms and tools to transform multimodal urban data to a lower dimensional population-level data suitable for dynamic processing, real-time monitoring and visualization. MetroInsight will develop meta-data methods and tools to analyze complex and subtle spatiotemporal dynamics of interdependent urban networks and provide assurances related to integrity and security of data, compliance related to ethical and legal privacy expectations. Broader Impacts : MetroInsight project includes an ambitious plan for community building and workforce development. Community building includes a partners workshop via opportunity to host emerging community of researchers under ACM BuildSys umbrella in 2018, high-school outreach through SDSCs Student Tech program and middle-school outreach via Qualcomms ThinkaBit efforts. The workforce development plan includes creation of new learning modules, certification programs on energy and sustainability, an online courses on sensor data analytics and new capstone projects in a Data Science masters program.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/19


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $179,117.00


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