BCSER: Investigating the approaches for improving computer science pathways at Native American tribal schools

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This BSCER:IID proposal titled Investigating the approaches for improving computer science pathways at Native American tribal schools will conduct research, mentorship and professional development activities with the goal of improving computation skills at Native American (NA) tribal schools and with a focus on preparing them to enroll and succeed in a scaffolded set of Computer Science (CS) courses. The project proposes to conduct a design-based research strategy and evaluate existing CS programs and curricula and arrive upon the best practices for adopting these in NA school settings. The primary goal of the project is aimed at the role of culturally connected CS programming and its effect on tailored classroom instruction in and around Navajo Nation region in Arizona. The PI will develop a series of instructional prototypes that follow a contextualized representative framework (real-world, code, effects on communities/nature/arts), aimed at providing a richer and deeper understanding of computing and its application, and help dispel the fear associated with this abstract activity. These prototypes will be developed using the existing Code.org curriculum framework, that introduces programming through an interactive and simplified programming interface and stays true to the principles of writing, editing, compiling, and
executing code, while the research funded from this grant will help provide additional meaning via concrete real-world cause and effect manifestations resulting from the creation and manipulation of the developed instructional prototypes.

This project is structured as an iterative design-based research project where the PI (research) works with an established engineering education mentor (mentorship) to build and test tailored CS instructional prototypes via a series of scaffolded CS curriculum courses. The project also includes funding for the PI (an expert in CS curriculum design) to be trained and skilled in the application of mixed-methods for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data by enrolling in professional development training workshops, applying those skills to the data resulting from the deployment of the instructional prototypes, peer-to-peer mentoring with the research mentor, reviewing the results and iterating the process between years 1 and 2 to become better at designing and deploying tailored CS curriculum aimed at NA tribal schools .
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $349,651.00


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