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BCC: Broadband Use Mapping Data and Evaluation BCC: Broadband Use Mapping, Data and Evaluation STATEMENT OF WORK KAREN MOSSBERGER, PH.D., ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY (beginning July 1, 2013) My work on this proposed research builds upon prior collaboration with Caroline Tolbert on a variety of projects on information technology use and digital inequality for more than a decade now. Most closely related to the geographic data and mapping of broadband use in this project are collaboration on the Chicago surveys (funded by MacArthur in 2008 and by Partnership for a Connected Illinois in 2011 and 2013) and the 2012 Oxford University Press book, Digital Cities: The Internet and the Geography of Opportunity. While the data and mapping will be carried out at the , as a co-PI I will be consulted on decisions about the modeling and other aspects of the project. I will also be a coauthor on publications resulting from the data. I will be responsible for organizing the community-building activities related to this project, which will be conducted at Arizona State University through the Center for Policy Informatics (in the School of Public Affairs). This includes conducting the national seed grant competition, which will award 3 grants of $10,000 each to researchers who propose to collect new types of data on broadband use that are consistent with the requirements for this award. This seed grant opportunity will be advertised online at the Centers website, and also in disciplinary and interdisciplinary conferences and venues. The co-PIs and consultants for this project will make the decisions on the awards. The ASU team (the co-PI and research assistant) will be responsible for creating a portal and an online data repository, as well as a social networking platform for discussion all of which will be at accessed through the Center for Policy Informatics website. A national conference consisting of 25-30 scholars (plus graduate students and ASU faculty) will be held in Phoenix under the auspices of the Center for Policy Informatics. Scholars will include broadband evaluation researchers as well as others who are experts on broadband data. The ASU portion of the grant will pay for a meeting venue, meals, and for the out-of-town scholars, travel and accommodations. A nascent research community has begun to form through prior roundtables, and the Phoenix conference will offer an opportunity to bring together the interdisciplinary groups that have been focused on either program evaluation or data. The conference will discuss plans for further development of the portal and outreach to engage other scholars and to gather broadband research and data for the portal. The dataset constructed at the and the seed grant data will be posted on the portal. The social networking platform will facilitate continued (and broader) discussion beyond the conference. It will provide opportunities for junior faculty to connect with senior scholars, and for all participants to find partners for interdisciplinary collaboration. Maintenance of the website will be continued after the two-year grant. Funding and other strategies for sustainability will be discussed at the conference. If outside funding or donations from members are not sufficient to sustain the portal, co-PI Mossberger will commit 10 hours a week of her university-funded research assistants time to maintaining the website (while continuing to seek other funding).
Effective start/end date9/15/1312/31/15


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $177,443.00


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