Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for Operations Systems Engineering Support for the Department of Veterans Affairs MidWest Mountain Veterans Engineering

Project: Research project

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Through the following specific tasks, a list of enablers and barriers to effective and efficient virtual SR communities and teams will be developed, culminating in recommendations for improvement. Sources for this review and lists will include medical and OSE publications, but with a specific focus on publications from the cognitive engineering literature. The grey literature on VHA system redesign and related internet resources will also be considered. An annotated bibliography will be constructed first and through analysis of this material lists of enablers and barriers will be abstracted. Phone interviews with VH national HR and SR virtual collaboration SharePoint users will serve to refine and validate these lists. The Task 1 team will collaborate on the ultimate barrier and enabler lists and recommendations for support of virtual SR communities and teams
Effective start/end date10/1/099/30/10


  • US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): $400,000.00


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