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AZ R3: Ready, Resilient, Results AZ R3: Ready, Resilient, Results AZ R3 is requesting $30 million through September 30, 2024 from the Arizona Department of Education to deliver an integrated 3-component support model that provides robust: 1) academic and success support services for first generation and low-income students in key transition periods of grades 7-9 and 12th to postsecondary; 2) student and family engagement programming and support for elementary, middle and high school students, with a strategic focus on critical transition periods; and 3) support for high school foster youth. Services will address enrichment and reinforcement of learning, student and family engagement, and support for critical transition periods. Social-emotional wellbeing strategies will also be included in each of these academic support models, as they are integral to a students overall wellness and academic success. These activities will take place during and after school, as well as summers. All of the components within AZ R3 work cohesively. Component 2, student and family engagement, has the broadest wing span serving 250 schools, while Component 1, academic and success support services, serves select schools within Component 2. Component 3, support for high school foster youth, reaches a couple dozen schools that are also receiving support from Component 1 and/or 2.
Effective start/end date5/11/229/30/24


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $10,000,000.00


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