AWI-ASU-09-102 AWI as a Boundary Organization: An Assessment

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AWI-ASU-09-102 AWI as a Boundary Organization: An Assessment AWI-ASU-09-102 AWI as a Boundary Organizateion: An Assessment The intent of this study is to contribute to knowledge about the institutional role of integrating information and decision-making, in favor of more socially beneficial, sustainability-oriented outcomes. This is an endeavor that speaks to the heart of ASU's vision , as a New American University. One of the aspects of ASU's work "promoting excellence in its research and among its students, staff and faculty, increasing access to its educational resources and working with communities to positively impact social and economic development" has been in its support of institutions, initiatives, and decision-support devices. Examples of this include the Global Institute of Sustainability and its School, the Decision Center for a Desert City with decision-support device WaterSim and the Decision Theater, and the concept and work of the China Initiatives and Special Projects Office. The issue of water resource sustainability in semi-arid, rapidly urbanizing Arizona persists, and will only be exacerbated by the local impacts of climate change. This project will tease out the lessons from AWl's experiences working with diverse actors and divergent interests on an increasingly contentious, yet indisputably important, resource management concern. The final product will be framed by sustainability discourse and ASU's commitment to "academic excellence, broad access, and impact;" it is expected to be a tool for future boundary management activities involving higher education institutions.
Effective start/end date4/21/0912/31/09


  • OTHER: Arizona Public University (ABOR): $7,500.00


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