Attachment 2314: IV-E Waiver Planning Grant Yr2

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Attachment 2314: IV-E Waiver Planning Grant Yr2 IV-E Waiver Planning Grant Arizonas IV-E waiver is embedded in the Departments congregate care reduction model as described in the IDIR. The fundamental thesis to be examined in the evaluation of Arizonas Waiver is how the availability of flexible Title IV-E funds enables the state to reduce the number of children placed in congregate care. To do so, the (DCS or the Department) will provide targeted case management and specialized services to these children and their families by enhancing family/fictive kin search and engagement activities, and by expanding its Team Decision-Making (TDM) process. In addition, Arizona will support the action plans created in partnership with the family/fictive kin by enhancing the availability of needed services. It is proposed that enhancing these three evidence-informed practices, kin search and engagement, TDM, and service array, will enable the Department to reduce the length of stay in congregate care, and hence expenditure patterns, and financially support other organizational changes that will ultimately improve the safety, permanency, and wellbeing of Arizona children.
Effective start/end date1/1/174/30/20


  • Arizona Department of Child Safety: $1,628,051.00


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