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ASU State Opioid Response ASU State Opioid Response We propose utilization of funds to strengthen and expand the reach of both C3 and Devils-4-Devils programs. We plan to develop educational resources and communications materials that can be used beyond the period of the grant. Specifically, we plan to develop digital education and communication materials and printed materials to enhance knowledge and use of principles and skills for building a caring, empathic community that is prepared to recognize, impact and refer students who are struggling with personal concerns. We will engage members groups we have identified as key groups to educate, who will assist in the creation of printed and digital materials designed to reach their peers. We will provide online education and skill-building programs to engage student leaders, faculty, staff and clinicians practice sessions to hone their helping, and compassionate communication skills. We will work with departments and administrators to set requirements for online education and skill-building sessions, to enhance exposure to available trainings. Goal: An ASU community where well-being is a demonstrated value among individuals and groups, and where students, faculty and staff are able to recognize, and take action to provide support and refer students who are struggling with substance abuse or emotional concerns to services. C3 and Devils 4 Devils Video Dissemination Grant
Effective start/end date1/1/209/29/21


  • HHS: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): $386,119.00


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