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ASU Project Humanities "Building Bridges" Film Discussion (ASUF 30006146) ASU Project Humanities "Building Bridges" Film Discussion Program Description Program Grantee will present the"Building Bridges" film-discussion series to bri g together multiple, distinctly diverse and ordinarily disparate groups of Arizonans to share i the experience of select documentaries that present issues relevant to their communiti s, and that prompts them to engage in conversations regarding history, literature, philosophy, religion, language, and other humanities-related themes. Four films have been identified, targeting eight specific audiences for a series of onthlyevents (March 2014 - May 2014). The events are free and open to the public, with specia' invitations sent to diverse organizations. Screenings will take place at college campuses and ommunity spaces across the valley. The objective is to facilitate post-film discussions aimed t promoting public discourse and encouraging interaction with humanities scholarship. Imagin bringing together Native American communities and LGBTQA supporters for a screening f"Two Spirits", in which a young, male-bodied Navajo boy with an inherently feminine ture struggles to find his place among the history and culture of his people. Other events highlig t languages, literature, law, philosophy, the arts, and the environment. Funding from AH will b used to secure film rights, pay venues, and cover audio visual equipment rental, and gener te publicity/promotional materials. The project advisor, Dr. Neal A. Lester-is also the official advisor for asuphs'i ronounced "uh-SOOF-see", A.K.A. The Arizona State University Project Humanities Studen s' Initiative), which is the new leadership organization focused on networking and service in th humanities. The students of asuphs'i are uniquely positioned to showcase the importance ofth humanities in academia and to local communities. Dr. Lester has evaluated the humanities conte t of the screening and discussion series in order to determine the most effective way to pre ent these topics to diverse audiences. Eight specific audiences are targeted (in addition to the sizable following already I nked with Project Humanities). Each of these thoughtfully chosen groups will be paired up r a screening and discussion that is particularly relevant to both parties: Retirees and video-gam rs-two subcultures which normally remain completely disconnected from one another- a e brought together to view a film about the cross-generational social appeal of online gamin communities. High-school students and performance artists unite for a celebration of creativity, nguage, and human expression."Two Spirits" brings together Native Americans and the LGB QA community, and our final installment targets business students and international st dents for coffee and a short film to consider global business ethics related to the coffee-bea industry.
Effective start/end date3/17/145/31/14


  • Arizona Humanities: $3,900.00


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