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ASU Prevention Research Center for Families in Stress - Operations Core ASU Prevention Research Center for Families in Stress ASU Prevention Research Center for Families in Stress We are requesting an administrative supplement for our ACISR NIMH Grant P30 MH06868-01, ASU Prevention Research Center for Families in Stress. The Center was funded to develop models to make the transition from studies of efficacy to effectiveness of preventive interventions, with a focus on three preventive interventions that have demonstrated positive effects in NIMH funded efficacy trials (New Beginnings Program, NBP, Wolchik PI; Family Bereavement Program, Sandler PI; Bridges/Puentes Program, Gonzales PI). Over the past five years the Center has been funded by an ACISR and has successfully conducted all of the studies described in the research plan including: using methods adapted from business (Quality Function Deployment) to redesign the New Beginnings Program to be culturally broad and to fit the needs and capacities of community agencies who will be delivering the program; develop and experimentally test an innovative method for recruitment of divorcing parents into the New Beginnings Program; utilize these program translation methods to redesign the Family Bereavement Program for delivery into community agencies; pilot test implementation of the New Beginnings Program and Family Bereavement Program by community agencies; conduct two market studies of national samples of bereavement agencies and of domestic relations courts to assess factors influencing their readiness to adopt evidence based prevention programs such as the ones we developed at our Center; design in collaboration with the Maricopa Court a new prevention program for high conflict divorces and initiate a randomized experimental trial of the program in collaboration with the WT Grant Foundation. In addition we developed and received funding for three R01s to conduct long-term follow-up studies of participants in our trials for children of divorce (NIMH Grant R01 MH071707 Effects of NBP for Children of Divorce 15 Years Later, Wolchik PI) and Mexican-American children in transition to high school (NIMH Grant 2R01 MH064707-06, Gonzales, PI) and have an outstanding priority score for a long-term follow-up of our program for parentallybereaved children (NIMH Grant R01 MH049155 Impact of the Family Bereavement Program Six Years Later, Sandler, PI). In addition we expect to be funded on a new training grant (NIMH Grant 5T32 MH18387 Research training: Child mental health/primary prevention, Chassin PI), a K01 award (MH074045, Winslow, PI). We have also developed a grant from the WT Grant Foundation to co-fund a randomized experimental trial of a new program that was developed as part of our P30 Center grant, and is being evaluated through funding from the WT Grant foundation over the next year.ferr
Effective start/end date7/1/096/30/12


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $1,625,417.00


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